Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is the first thing people notice when they approach your home. It’s that “WOW!” factor, and it could be the difference between a buyer walking away or making an offer on your property. The good news is, you can give yourself instant curb appeal with just a few simple steps.


Here are some ideas to get you started:

1) Clean up any clutter from around your front door and driveway

This includes grass and leaves, newspapers and flyers, old mowers and tools, etc. Clean up dead leaves in the gutters. Trim any unruly plants around the base of your house or entrance walls. Trim any overgrown trees or branches.

Make sure nothing is obstructing your walkway or driveway…or even your windows. This will give you an all-around better appearance and let in more natural sunlight.


2) Wash the outside of your home

Many people neglect their homes by only cleaning the interior, but you need to make sure that all dirt and mildew stains are removed from siding, windows, doors, etc. A power washer can help with this process.

Clean and repair your windows and gutters. Use a garden hose with a power washer on the outside of your windows to blast away dirt and mildew stains. Repair or replace any broken window panes before buyers get a chance to view them. Be sure all gutters are clean and free of debris so they can properly function.


3) Declutter your garage

It’s also a good idea to make sure your garage is free of clutter, too. If you have tools, winter equipment, sporting goods, or other items stored in your garage, it might be time to get rid of them for better curb appeal.


4) Replace worn out doormats with new ones

It’s amazing how a new doormat can make a home look instantly better. It’s always nice to have new doormats in front of your doors. It’s a great way to greet guests.


5) Repair and paint your front door and porch

If you’re looking for a more drastic change to your home’s exterior, keep in mind color is another “WOW” factor that draws people into your home. If your front door is looking dingy or mossy with age, give it a fresh coat of paint. A new look will make people think you’re ready to start making updates on the inside of your home.

You also want to repair any termite damage or peeling paint before buyers go inside.


6) Fix your porch or front steps if they’re broken or uneven

If you have a stoop, make sure the height is correct and that it’s even from side to side. It may also be time to replace old steps with a new set of stairs if they are unstable or unsafe. This will also give your house a fresh look that will let buyers know you’re ready to move.


7) Focus on landscaping

A well-cared-for lawn with flowers and other plantings can do wonders for how people view your home.

Plant flowers in pots near the entrance of your house. Add potted plants for color outside windowsills inside your home (consider planting vines). You don’t need to be a professional gardener or landscape designer, just make sure the outside of your house has some color. If you have grass, make sure it is mowed and edged.


8) Add accent lighting

Lighting can be a very important factor when it comes to curb appeal. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy but adding some lights around your home will make it stand out from the others on your street at night, and also improve safety for those who approach your home.

If you have outside motion-activated floodlights, make sure they work properly. Replace any burnt-out bulbs with new ones.


9) Make sure doors are secure

Homes with unlocked front doors are more likely to be broken into. It’s always a good idea to lock your front door, or at least make it look like you’re doing that. You can do this with an exterior light sensor that will turn on a light when someone walks by, or a piece of wood duct-taped to the door. It will look like you’re locked up tight, but it won’t stop determined burglars from breaking in.

Make sure your doors have quality deadbolt locks on them as well as solid weather stripping that is securely attached around your doors. If you notice any weather stripping missing from around your front door, this is a good time to add some new pieces to keep out the cold.


10) Deep clean your home’s interior

Cleaning is always a great idea, but you may want to give your existing carpeting and upholstery a thorough cleaning before showing off your home. You can replace old worn-out flooring with new neutral-colored floor coverings if necessary.

Don’t forget to clean all of your windows and treat any mildew stains on your walls.


11) Make sure the bathrooms are spotless

This is where you can make a big impact…if they’re not clean, buyers won’t even bother viewing the rest of the home. It’s where you spend most of your time, so it makes sense to make them your focal point.


12) Polish your floors and clean the grout in your tile surfaces

If you have hardwood or laminate flooring, you need to polish and reseal them. If you have a carpeted home, pull up the carpets and make sure the floor underneath is free of stains, dirt, and mildew. If you have any appliances in your kitchen that create steam, consider removing them to make sure the floors underneath are pristine.


13) Fix any broken windows or other damaged fixtures

If your front door has deadbolt locks, you should have a secondary way to gain entry in case someone breaks out a window or kicks down the front door. If you don’t have any alternatives, it’s time for new locks on both your front and back doors.


Improving Your Home’s Safety

You want to do everything you can to keep your family safe, so it is important to upgrade the locks on your doorways. Aside from giving your home a better look, you are guaranteeing peace of mind when replacing old hardware with new high-security locks… especially if you have an alarm system.


14) Replace your door hardware

Replacing old, worn-out locksets is the fastest way to improve safety at your home. You can go with new high-security locks for added peace of mind.

What’s the first thing you do when you get home after a long day of work? If it isn’t to check out your front door, then someone needs to call the cops. Or maybe they already have. The fact is that these days, burglars are getting craftier than ever and all too often homeowners find themselves coming home to find their house has been broken into – even if they’ve never given any indication that it was vulnerable in the past.

But what can homeowners actually do about this very real threat? Well for starters, they need to make sure their homes are as secure as possible by investing in good locks (and yes, I’m talking about smart locks) and then follow some of these excellent tips for making their homes more secure than ever.

You never know what criminals are thinking or how they’re planning to get into your home. That means that even if you don’t think your home is vulnerable you could be making it easier for potential burglars to get in.

Make sure the locks on every door are strong. Replace worn-out locks for better protection. You can also upgrade your security system by adding smart locks that you control remotely with your phone or any other device that has web access, giving you peace of mind wherever you are at all times of the day and night.

Convinced yet? Well here are just eight reasons why you should consider using smart locks to protect your home:

Reason #1 Keyless Access

Smart locks can be operated remotely by smartphones, ensuring users always have access to the keys on their phones – even when they aren’t at home. This means you can let friends, family, and service providers like dog walkers or babysitters in at any time with just a few taps on your phone.


Reason #2 They are really easy to install

“What!?” I can hear you say. “That’s not possible!” Well, it is! Smart locks are designed to fit over existing locks on your front and back door with no need for new holes or additional hardware. What’s more, they usually come with a few spare parts in case you ever need to replace them.

Some smart locks can be easily installed by homeowners with minimal tools and technical know-how. This means that you could have access to your home in as little as 30 minutes or less (depending on the model of lock you purchase). Some users find that they only need to do a simple DIY installation from start to finish.


Reason #3 They’re easy to use

It’s a well-known fact that smart locks are much easier to operate than traditional padlocks and keyed locks, but it can sometimes be difficult to understand why. The reason is that they give you access to your home without forcing you to carry around a bunch of keys – which can be incredibly annoying when you’re carrying groceries or your baby!


Reason #3 Connected to the internet

This means that some smart lock manufacturers can give homeowners access to live security camera footage from their homes 24/7. This gives an added sense of security, especially if it is raining or there’s a lot of suspicious activity going on outside of your home that might indicate someone is casing the joint.


Reason #4 Owners can unlock doors from anywhere

This means you can come home from work and let yourself in before you have even walked up to your driveway. You can even do it from the comfort of your bed if you are feeling particularly lazy!


Reason #5 They give users peace of mind

Smart locks give users peace of mind by giving them the ability to control who has access to their home. This means that they don’t have to worry about being burgled or having their home broken into anymore.

Traditional locks rely on simple metal lock pins that can be easily broken or picked with the right tools. By contrast, smart locks offer biometric authentication, meaning they only open when they recognize the fingerprints of authorized users (the family members who are given access to your home).


Reason #5 No More Locksmith Bills

Believe it or not, some locks require regular maintenance which can cost homeowners a lot of money that could be used on random necessities like food and water. Smart locks on the other hand are designed with fewer moving parts making them more durable and efficient (and yes, this means they don’t need to be serviced as regularly).


Reason #7 Some smart locks actually protect your home 100% of the time

This means that if a criminal tries to break into your home, your locks will send you an alert via your phone. This allows homeowners to act quickly and provides peace of mind knowing that their home will be protected at all times (even when they are not there).


Reason #8 It could save you money on insurance premiums

This is more than just a “cool” factor: homeowners who install smart locks are often eligible for insurance discounts. This means that over time, they can actually save hundreds of dollars on their homeowner’s insurance policies each year.


Reason #9 They make your home safer for your kids

This means that homeowners can install smart locks on their doors that give authorized users the ability to control who has access to what rooms in the house at any given time. This is great for parents who are worried about their children being exposed to potentially dangerous strangers. Or let’s be honest, anyone who wants a little privacy in their lives!


Reason #11 They are not as expensive as you might think

The average price for a smart lock is around $200. This means that they are not as expensive as the hefty price tag might have you believe. In fact, this could be less than what you would pay to replace a damaged door or install a brand new set of locks on all your exterior doors (which can cost upwards of $500).

Yes. Yes. This really is true, and what’s even better is that most smart locks work with existing hardware on your home so there’s no need to install new doorknobs or door hinges…saving you time and money in the process!


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