When it comes to home security tips, adding a front door peephole is a big one. After all, you want to know who’s on the other side of your door before you open it. You’ll feel more secure if you’re able to keep tabs on who or what is coming to your front door at all times of the day.

Curious to learn more? Read on to learn why you should add a peephole to your front door  — and how you can do it!

How Does a Peephole Work?

Peepholes work in a simple and efficient way to help give you the home security you want. Generally, peephole installation takes place on front doors of houses or apartment units. Their goal is to provide an expansive view of who or what is on the other side of your door.

The normal human eye has limits to what it can see, and that range of vision shuts down completely when there’s a physical barrier in the way. How can you overcome this issue when someone knocks on the door and you have no way of seeing them?

A peephole is a discrete solution to this problem. It enables you to see what is directly in front of you on the other side of the door. As another benefit, it shows you who or what is on either side of that area. That way you can make an informed decision about whether to open your door — and you can avoid having to rush to a side window for an incomplete glimpse.

Many peepholes consist of fisheye lenses since they can provide a wider field of vision. You’ll notice that what you see through one of these lenses appears distorted. Even so, you can trust that you’re able to see more of the other side of your door than you would with a standard peephole lens.

The peephole lens can streamline this scope of vision into something more digestible for the human eye. But you may be wondering about the person on the other side of our door. What can they see if they look through your peephole from the other side?

You can rest assured knowing that the people on the outside looking in will be left with a tiny image that doesn’t reveal anything. You can even get specialized lenses that provide a frostier image that completely conceals your identity. This means that you’ll be able to look through your peephole from a place of anonymity.

Peepholes represent an inexpensive solution to home security needs. They’re even more effective if used in conjunction with other security measures, like cameras and quality locks. Ideally, you won’t have to deal with a break-in at your home. But if you do, know that you can find a trusted locksmith service to help you repair the damage and amp up your home security practices. 

A Front Door Peephole Is a Simple Security Solution

When it comes to simple security solutions, look no further than the peephole. Without a large time commitment or financial investment, you can beef up your security. And if you’re living in a new area or have kids at home, this is a huge addition.

What kind of peephole should you get? That may depend on your preferences and budget. There are several different types of peepholes that can accommodate different types of doors or viewing situations.

The standard peephole can be as small as half an inch in diameter for ease of installation. It provides a bigger arc of vision than the human eye can see, so you can feel good about getting a strong sense of who’s outside your door. Aim for glass lenses rather than plastic ones so your view doesn’t get cloudy.

For a wider view, turn to a wide-angle lens. This lens spotlights and enlarges what’s directly in front of you for a clear and wider view than what you get with a standard lens. The downside is that these lenses are larger and require strong outdoor lighting. To get the clearest image for your needs, you’ll want to consult a professional for advice.

There also are peepholes designed to fit thinner or thicker doors. And you can find peepholes in larger sizes for easier viewing, or ones with security plates to place over them when not in use.

If you’re having a peephole installed, it’s a good idea to look into updating your locks, too. A peephole paired with a new deadbolt lock adds an excellent layer of security to your home.

When in doubt — or if you’re on a budget — choose a few security features to upgrade at a time. A heftier lock coupled with a peephole will help keep you safer. And if you’ve moved to a new home in a new area, make assessing your security settings a priority.

You’ll Help Stop Criminal Activity From Starting

What’s one of the biggest benefits of installing a front door peephole? You may be able to deter criminal activity from starting. And that’s one of the best reasons to get one.

If a criminal approaches your front door, they’ll be looking for signs that you’re tracking them. Even though a peephole is small, it is visible on the outside of the door. As a result, anyone who approaches your door will see it — and probably know what it is.

A criminal would be wise to assume that someone could be checking on them from the other side of the door. Visual indicators that you, as a homeowner, are taking security seriously can dissuade a criminal from moving forward with their plans.

If you can deter criminal activity from even happening in the first place, that’s a victory. If someone comes to the door with a delivery that you’re not expecting, you can look through the peephole and choose not to open the door. While it’s tempting to trust that anyone in a uniform is doing a specific job, that’s not always the case — and you’ll be able to make that judgment call thanks to a peephole.

If your kids are home from school for a few hours before you’re home from work, make sure they know about the peephole and can reach it. They need to know to look through it before unlocking the door and letting anyone in. And they should only let in people they trust or people that you’ve told them may be stopping by.

Peepholes Offer Affordable Home Security

Are you on a tight budget? The good news is that the peephole is a budget-friendly way to enhance the security of your home. You won’t have to mess with a lot of accessories or constant upgrades if you opt for the standard peephole.

The average cost of a home secuity system adds up over time. You can expect to pay around $20 each month for surveillance plus a few hundred dollars on the front end for equipment. Over time, that’s a significant investment versus the cost of a peephole.

Additionally, you can save on utility prices with a peephole. Other security choices, like cameras and security systems, will impact your utility bill. The good news is that peepholes are an economic security choice that won’t impact your bill because they don’t require using electricity. 

While there are plenty of ways to infuse your peephole with some technology, you don’t have to — and you’ll save money in the process. With utility costs already standing at about $110 for electricity each month, you can feel confident that that number won’t change when you install a peephole. 

Door Peephole Installation Isn’t a Hassle

Another big advantage of a peephole is that installing it is pretty easy. Whether you try your hand at installing it yourself or seek out the help of a professional service, installing a peephole is a relatively simple task if you’re comfortable using a drill. You can add this safety feature without consuming too much time.

You’ll need to find the right place for your peephole on your front door. Next, you’ll drill through the door. Your drill bit size should be smaller than the size of your viewer so that it fits snugly inside. Be aware that wooden doors can splinter, so you’ll need to use care when drilling.

Getting your peephole set at the right height and avoiding errors are critical steps in the process. For these reasons, it may be better to outsource the installation responsibilities to an expert. Otherwise, the peephole may come loose over time.

You won’t need to spend a lot of money to hire someone, so it may be a price worth paying. And when you have a professional assisting you, they’ll be able to give you the best input on what lens works for your door. They can also assist you with assessing or updating locks or other security mechanisms in your home.

Peephole Cameras Offer an Upgrade For Added Convenience

Pairing a peephole with a camera is a popular way to upgrade your security plan. Peephole cameras look just like your standard peephole, but they offer some beneficial differences. You’ll pay a little more, but the convenience may be worth it.

With a standard peephole, you’ll need to peer through it in order to see who’s on the other side of the door. Ultimately, this puts you very close to the door. And if your house is drafty or it’s very quiet outside, it may be possible for the person on the other side of the door to hear your breathing or footsteps.

In the same way, a peephole that hasn’t been installed well may leak some light through around the viewer. This means that the light may flicker as you move around the door. And this will communicate to someone on the other side that you’re there.

Since none of these scenarios are desirable, it could be good to add a camera to the mix. With a camera, you’ll have options such as installing an LCD screen on the inside of the door. The screen’s larger size allows you to stand at a greater distance to observe who’s at your front door.

You’ll be able to see what’s happening more discretely — even at night. Many peephole cameras use light so you can see people more clearly at night. And if you’re trying to avoid someone or home alone, the screen can be a huge asset.

You can also track packages that come to your door. When the holidays roll around, package theft becomes a big issue. If you’re expecting packages at your door, a camera can catch the delivery in action and catch someone stealing the package.

While a standard or camera peepholes provide enhanced visibility around your door, you can go a step further. For more complete security, add some security cameras to other parts of your home. Your front door might be the first point of contact, but if your back door is glass, you’ll need some other options.

A few security cameras will track any suspicious activity around your home if they’re set up outside. And if you’re hoping to see another view of a suspicious person previously at your front door, some strategically placed cameras can do it.

Add a Peephole to Your Home Security Plan

A front door peephole offers a simple way to enhance the sense of security in your home without spending a fortune. You’ll be able to scan the area around your front door and see who’s there before unlocking the door and letting the wrong person into your home. A simple peephole will provide the peace of mind you need to make the safest decisions.

When you’re ready to install a peephole or get the locksmith services you need, contact us and we can help!

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