lock change and rekeyBeing Locked Out: Home and Car

Put your trust in the hands of our skilled technicians! We guarantee we can resolve all manner of problems for you and quickly too. Our dependable and honest technicians will meet your lock installation and repair needs 24 hours a day!

We will rekey locks if a homeowner requests this service after being locked out of the house without being able to locate the original key. Many people require replacement keys or a lock change following a residential lockout, because of the valid concern that their key was misplaced, dropped in a public place, or even stolen.

Moving to a New Home of Business

Relocation to a new home or a new business, requires you to obtain copies of keys during the time the property remained on the market. If you are unable to then changing the locks is a necessity to ensure security is kept in tact.

If you do not need the entire lock replaced, we offer lock rekey services to replace the tumbler in order to meet your need for security at the most affordable prices.

Burglary Damage

Unfortunately, homeowners and businesses sometimes require lock changes following burglaries. If you need assistance from a commercial locksmith to re-key existing locks as a precaution or to install new locks following a break-in, our skilled technicians provide honest, dependable service. Call SlimJim.Me Locksmith every time and walk away happy with the services received.

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