You need to keep your home and possessions safe, but you’re not sure if a digital door lock installation is the right choice for you.

In this post, we’ll give you some information about smart locks and tell you why they’re a smart choice for homeowners.


What is a smart lock?

A smart lock offers keyless entry into your home. It connects to your smartphone so that you can unlock the door from anywhere using an app on your phone. They also have other features such as geofencing technology which automatically unlocks the door when you approach it with your smartphone or alerts you if someone else attempts to come inside while you aren’t there.

The smart lock has become popular because of its convenience benefits and safety benefits. Not only does it open automatically for people carrying smartphones, but smart locks also give you the ability to grant others access to your home without giving them a key, which can help prevent break-ins when house sitters are in your home.


How do smart locks work?

Keyless smart door locks are operated with a traditional metal key or a digital key via a smartphone. In many smart locks, an app replaces your regular key and unlocks the door via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi technology.

They have different smart features programmed into them so you can set up a smart lock to allow access from anywhere using a smartphone, to send digital keys to friends and family that expire, or provide temporary entry codes that are changed with each use.

The smart lock has benefits for property managers, too. They can send digital keys to renters and revoke access when tenants leave.

Smart locks work with standard deadbolt locks and are equipped with smart features such as smart keypads that allow homeowners full control over who enters their main entryway, how they enter it, and when they enter it.

If you want smart convenience in your front door without the cost of a complete smart home system, smart locks offer an affordable way to modernize your home entryway and add safety advantages to boot!


Another benefit that smart lock users love includes safety and security features which include:

keyless entry so no one can keep a copy of your key and use it without your permission, keeping your belongings safe even though someone has access to your home.

– customizable digital keys so you don’t have to worry about guests or family members losing their keys or getting locked out of the house.

– unbeatable convenience because smart locks give homeowners smart access from anywhere using a smartphone, making your life more convenient and worry-free.

As smart homeowners can attest, smart lock features make it easier than ever to keep up with smart home technology without sacrificing safety or security.

Smart locks are smart, safe, and secure lock systems that give homeowners smart access when they need it.


How do I get smart lock installation?

Smart locks are easy to install in most cases because they replace your existing deadbolt lock mechanism with a smart electronic device that is controlled with an app on your smartphone. Most smart locks use batteries instead of being wired into the home’s electrical system so you don’t have to worry about not having power when the battery dies.

They also do not need to be removed when you move from one home to another.

A smart lock installation is an option that smart homeowners choose because smart locks provide a multitude of benefits including the ability to grant smart access and smart keys while keeping all of your possessions safe and secure.


FAQs about Digital Door Lock Installation – Advantages and Benefits of a Smart Lock System


Where can I buy smart locks?

You can find smart lock systems at major home improvement stores like Home Depot or Lowe’s, as well as at independent hardware shops. You might also find smart doors online through sites like Amazon and eBay (be sure to check the product’s compatibility). Most smart lock systems run between $150-$400.


What are smart lock installation costs?

The smart lock itself is usually the most expensive part of smart door systems, but there’s no need to hire a contractor or handyman for smart lock installation if you’re comfortable replacing your smart door locks yourself.

But be careful when removing old doorknobs and smart door locks so you don’t damage your door frame in the process! If you want to avoid doing it yourself, some home improvement stores offer smart lock replacement services.


Besides cost, what are some considerations for smart lock installation?

When installing digital keypad smart locks, keep in mind that you’ll have to find a room near your front door—either on the side of the wall or at eye level—for smart door locks. For smart keyless smart door locks that use Bluetooth technology, you’ll need to find a room near your smart lock where your smartphone can reach the smart door lock while still in your pocket.


What smart features can I get with smart locks?

– Digital Keypad: smart digital keyless entry system that uses a smart keypad to let you enter or exit your home via a code, smartphone app, or remote control. Ideal for smart homeowners who want to be able to program temporary smart keys after each use.

– Bluetooth: smart lock system that allows smart door locks and other smart devices within range of the lock to communicate wirelessly through your smartphone app. Perfect for smart homes that have multiple smart products and integrated smart accessories including smart speakers and thermostats.

– Biometrics: smart door locks that use fingerprint recognition technology so you don’t have to remember an access code to open your front door.

– Video doorbell smart lock systems that let you see who is at your front door via smart video doorbell or smart security camera. Great for smart homes that already have smart video doorbells or smart security cameras in place.


Can I install my smart lock myself?

Many smart locks are easy to install even if you’ve never touched a toolbox before. Most digital lock systems can be installed by following easy installation instructions provided by the manufacturer, but it’s important to take your time when removing old doorknobs and smart door locks because there’s a risk of damaging the finish of your door frame if you aren’t careful.

If you decide not to do any custom installation work, some smart locks are very easy to install with the help of a smart doorknob and smart door locks replacement services available at home improvement stores.


What smart lock brands should I consider?

There is a large variety of smart lock brands on the market. Here are just a few of our favorites:

– Kwikset Kevo: smart keyless entry system that uses Bluetooth technology to let you open your front door via smart smartphone app or remote control. Perfect for homeowners who want to be able to grant access before they even arrive back home.

– Yale Assure SL: smart keyless entry system that offers digital keypad smart entry, Bluetooth connectivity, and fingerprint recognition compatibility for convenient and secure smart locking and unlocking on the go. Great smart lock system for smart homeowners who want to be able to grant smart entry and smart keys even when they’re away from home.

– August Smart Lock: smart keyless entry system that uses Bluetooth technology so you can open your front door using your smart smartphone app or remote control, or by entering a numeric code on the smart keypad located on the exterior of your smart door locks. Ideal smart lock system for homeowners who want to upgrade their existing doorknob smart digital door locks with an easy-to-install upgrade option that offers both convenience and security in one simple device!


Can I keep my regular keys?

When considering smart lock installation, it depends on which smart lock you choose. Some digital door lock options are smart locks that work just like existing smart doorknobs and smart door locks, while other digital lock systems don’t offer a smart key option at all. If you want to be able to keep your regular smart keys, make sure the smart lock system you choose has a smart key option available!


Some smart lock options come with a package of free or low-cost digital door locks accessories you can use when installing or upgrading your smart home, including:

– Smart remote control for smart entry from outside your front door. Great for homeowners who want the convenience of being able to grant access after they’ve already arrived back home.

– Smart smartphone app for granting temporary access via Bluetooth smart technology. Great smart lock system for homeowners who want to be able to grant access even if their smartphone isn’t nearby!

– Smart key fob that allows you to unlock smart door locks using a small smart device that can easily fit inside your pocket or purse and is used for smart entry and smart key area. Perfect smart door locks options for homeowners who don’t want to rely on constant smartphone app use or need the ability to open their front door quickly without pulling out their smartphone before they go out.

– Smart digital door lock installation including tools, replacement deadbolt smart doorknobs, and more digital accessories needed for quick, easy installation of your new smart lock system right at home. Ideal smart lock systems for first-time smart homeowners who want smart entry access without complex smart lock installation or expensive home smart door lock replacement costs.


 What Are The Benefits of A Digital Door Lock Installation?

Aside from smart locks, digital door lock installation also has benefits such as:


How Can I Get A Digital Door Lock Installation?

There are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind when considering digital door lock installation:

  • – allow 24 hours for processing after requesting an estimate
  • – some services cost extra due to labor or shipping fees that might add up quickly
  • – smart locks that offer smart key installation are only compatible with smartphone apps, smart remotes, or digital keypads
  • – smart door locks can be installed by the homeowner themselves if they’re comfortable with basic doorknob smart lock installation, but advanced smart door lock installation might require hiring a professional smart home installer.
  • – smart door locks that offer smart key installation can be programmed to work with existing smart keys.


There are a few smart digital door lock options you can choose from when considering smart lock installation:

  • – smartphone app smart locks only need the smartphone in your pocket and Bluetooth connection to grant access
  • – smart remote control smart entry uses a physical device like a fob or keychain remote
  • – digital keypad smart locks require either cell phone Bluetooth connectivity or an external power source

– smart home access requires wiring in place throughout your home, and it’s usually best left in the hands of professionals (although some customers might be comfortable with advanced doorknob smart lock installation). If you have smart locks that offer smart key installation, you can program them to work with smart keys.

  • – smart door locks that come with a smart key kit don’t need any other smart home devices in place, but they usually cost extra for labor and shipping fees.

A digital door lock can make smart entry simpler than ever before, while smart home appliances like digital door lock installation give your family more flexibility and security!


Worried about the security of your home?

A digital door lock installation is a great way to keep your family safe and secure. With a smart lock system, you can rest assured that your home is protected at all times – even when you’re not there.

Our team of experts can help you choose the perfect digital door lock for your home and install it quickly and easily. We offer a wide range of locks to choose from, so you can find the perfect one for your needs. Plus, we offer 24/7 support so you can always get help when you need it.


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